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Life is a Trip

  I pride myself on staying somewhat open to opportunity – I try to guard against becoming so set in my ways that when something new, or different, or frankly frightening presents itself I shy away.  I’ve done much too much of this over time, and well, I don’t want to anymore.  This is both … Continue reading

A Long Nap Means Learning New Things

It has been so long since I’ve posted on either of my two blogs that I am having to relearn the process.  Actually, it has been so long since I have written much of anything that I am having to retrain muscles to type and my brain to think in full sentences.  I will attempt … Continue reading

Wyoming and Back Again – Part III

Rapid City gave me a good night’s sleep and I was on the road early the following morning with every intention of being in Cody in the early afternoon.  Of course, that was before I got to Spearfish and remembered the Canyon drive and tried to calculate how long it had been since I was … Continue reading

Wyoming and Back Again – Part II

     After a night spent in Cameron, Missouri, Missouri became Iowa, then Minnesota.  We stopped for lunch in Blue Earth, where now as when I was a kid, the attraction is the statue of the Jolly Green Giant.  Apparently, there has been approval for the construction of a Green Giant Museum, but it is … Continue reading

A Real Road Trip – Wyoming and Back Again – in parts (I)

An inauspicious beginning with sheeting rain in places, especially through the north western Pennsylvania forests, still beautiful through the wet with brilliant autumn color, though draped with ragged wisps of clouds snagged on top branches. Getting an early start might not have been the best choice under the circumstances, but eventually the weather lifted as … Continue reading

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