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Life is a Trip

  I pride myself on staying somewhat open to opportunity – I try to guard against becoming so set in my ways that when something new, or different, or frankly frightening presents itself I shy away.  I’ve done much too much of this over time, and well, I don’t want to anymore.  This is both … Continue reading

A Quick Trip South for the Fall

I have to admit it.  I am not much of a Florida person.  Raised in the north, I get confused by endless summer, though I appreciate that a few days without snow in January might be very nice…so heading to Florida in the fall is somehow more natural for me.  A few more days of … Continue reading

Crossing the Great Divide – and Everything In Between

Okay, all road trips are real, but it has been much too long since I have had the opportunity to drive the width of this beautiful country.  6500 miles from Maryland to Washington State and back again, but with a timeline and an agenda..  There is a problem with having an agenda – these are … Continue reading

A Long Nap Means Learning New Things

It has been so long since I’ve posted on either of my two blogs that I am having to relearn the process.  Actually, it has been so long since I have written much of anything that I am having to retrain muscles to type and my brain to think in full sentences.  I will attempt … Continue reading


If you subscribe to life as a series of micro-adventures that begin the moment your feet hit the floor in the morning, then I have been very busy indeed.  I have to stop and think about all I’ve been doing these last few weeks since returning from France…there hasn’t really been many days when I … Continue reading

Normandy – The Ultimate Memorial Day

It is Memorial Day and seems like a good time to finally synthesize the experience that is Normandy.  I really believe that every American should go there – it is a reminder like few others of who we were, and who we probably still are.  Young men charging off of boats to either liberate Europe … Continue reading

I Love Paris (of course)

It is impossible not to love something about Paris – even my husband who had never been had to admit that there is a special magic in this city.  It has to be said that we were there, the moon was full, the nights were balmy and the city was sparkling after long rains, so … Continue reading

Such a Week, Now Off I Go

The past week has been filled to the brim with things to do – mostly, I thought, preparations for the trip to Paris and Normandy that actually starts tomorrow.  But it was curious how much was sort of tucked in around the edges.  Wednesday there was an open mic at the Garfield Center for the … Continue reading

Snow Hill, Maryland – Down the Rabbit Hole

            It has been nearly a week since my last amazing breakfast at The River House Inn(www.riverhouseinn.com) in Snow Hill, Maryland, and it has been a week tonight since Barb Dougherty  (www.americanartmaryland.com) hosted her wonderful Dining with Art dinner featuring California artist Robert Burridge.  If you don’t know Bob’s work, his … Continue reading

As If We’d Had a Winter

A year ago, two of my friends and I went to Sicily together – a perfectly amazing trip where we learned and saw and laughed so much and did so much…making new friends and wonderful memories together.  This year we decided to have a small reunion – just the three of us in Anna Maria … Continue reading

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