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Life is a Trip


Barbara7 (1 of 1)

(photo by Corsica Studio)

I pride myself on staying somewhat open to opportunity – I try to guard against becoming so set in my ways that when something new, or different, or frankly frightening presents itself I shy away.  I’ve done much too much of this over time, and well, I don’t want to anymore.  This is both a good and bad decision – from time to time I find myself just sort of shaking my head at the situation, but mostly, I am in a state of wonder – as I am now.

A week ago, my friend and art dealer Sherrie called me and told me of a chance meeting in Chestertown with a man who owns several restaurants in Annapolis.  He came into her gallery  (Art on High) and during the course of conversation agreed to hang a show of my work in his place on West Street.  Okay.  So she calls me to tell me I have a show at Tsunami.  I had no frame of reference for this, so I was grateful and we decided on several pieces to take in for approval.  We went to Annapolis last Thursday.  Turns out West Street is sort of gallery row.  Turns out that scoring a show at Tsunami is a really big deal.  Also turns out that the space is large and can accommodate the really big stuff – and I have some of that.  Turns out that I needed to pay much closer attention to what the universe had just handed me.


It did not start simply.  Actually, it started sort of late – we had an appointment that was superseded in a small way by the arrival of workmen at a remote location, but during the waiting period in a lovely coffee shop, Sherrie and I were presented with hats by a random patron of the coffee shop.  He seemed to be waiting for us, and left shortly after.  He would only say that he was Crazy Joe.  Anyone who knows me knows that I am a hat person, so this had to be a good omen.  And it is a nice hat.  It fits.  It was meant.  I still ponder that part.  But then Scott arrived, and the meeting went a thousand times better than expected, and he walked us down the street and introduced us around to other gallery owners…my head was swimming.

Flyer FinalBut it was not really until the following day that I realized fully what had just smacked me in the face.  21 of my paintings will hang in a restaurant known for art in Annapolis, MD in the summer season.  For a month.  There is a planned opening – a huge soiree.   I am scrambling to get both the work and catalog ready, and to wrap my head around this opportunity.  I mean wow.  Just wow.

So suddenly, as the music I am writing and performing starts to gain momentum, the art comes back into play and the painting, which is ongoing, pushes to the forefront again.  And yet, I have concerts booked, and am looking forward to more.  Every creative fibre is being fed.  I am getting very little sleep.  I am loving life.  It is a trip!

I am very, very grateful to Sherrie von Sternberg of Art on High.  It seems I have finally connected with someone who understands the work, yes, but is also willing to do the legwork to make something of it.  How cool is that?


It is such a happy hat…



2 thoughts on “Life is a Trip

  1. Congratulations! I am sure everything will sell. 🙂

    Posted by salpal1 | July 10, 2016, 3:37 pm

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