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As If We’d Had a Winter

A year ago, two of my friends and I went to Sicily together – a perfectly amazing trip where we learned and saw and laughed so much and did so much…making new friends and wonderful memories together.  This year we decided to have a small reunion – just the three of us in Anna Maria … Continue reading

Reclaiming Ground

What follows is something I came across today while looking for something else entirely – a writing exercise for some class or another I was taking in the early 1980’s. It is an exercise about memory, I guess, or about how things impress us. There are no illustrations because the writing is meant to be … Continue reading

Such Randomness

For someone who hasn’t really been on the road much lately, it seems that life is moving at an incredible speed, and is filled with memorable adventures.  I know that I’m kind of vamping, but I leave on a road trip in a couple of weeks, when things start to get back to a more … Continue reading

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