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A Personal Journey – with thanks to Etta James

The death this week of Etta James has set me thinking about how important her music has been to me – pretty much all of my life.  In the shifting landscape of the personal anthem, her voice rang through time and again, with everything from “At Last“ to “Damn Your Eyes.” Of course, the logical … Continue reading

An Unexpected Nostalgia for Smoke

Every time I am heading out to the lovely city of Annapolis, I get a sharp reminder that a)I live on Maryland’s Eastern Shore, and b)I was raised in the Seattle area where one crosses water on securely settled floating bridges, or by ferry where you can play a game of cards and have a … Continue reading

Oh Frabjous Day!

The Oxford English Dictionary, with full credit to Lewis Carroll, defines “frabjous” as “Possibly a blend of fair, fabulous, and joyous.” Yep, that about covers it. A few weeks ago I went to a meeting of the Tidewater Camera Club to hear a speaker talk about the challenges of photographing highly reflective surfaces.  I had … Continue reading

Winter Doldrums

Even with the mild winter we are having, it seems difficult to start the year with a road trip.  I have some trips coming up – Sarasota in March and in May, a trip to the Normandy beaches, but for now, it seems to be a time for introspection and perhaps regrouping on the home … Continue reading

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