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Ladew Gardens, Monkton, MD

Maybe I’m being lazy, or maybe it is this busy time of year, but with the holidays coming, I’m falling back in this posting to a day trip I took this summer to Ladew Topiary Gardens (www.ladewgardens.com) in Monkton, Maryland.  While the garden is closed until April 1st, it is worth putting on a to-do … Continue reading

Art of the Carolinas – Feeding the Muses

All right, I’ll admit it – I’ve begun (finally) to think of myself as an artist.  But I don’t think that as long as I live that I will reach a point where I don’t think there is more to learn about tools, techniques and materials…especially when the opportunity comes along to be in a … Continue reading

A Lick and a Promise

That was what my grandma always called it when she was dashing something off – and that is exactly what I am doing here.  I am headed out in a few minutes to Raleigh, NC for Art of the Carolinas – one of the largest art trade shows in the East.  A total of 6 … Continue reading

Wyoming and Back Again – Part III

Rapid City gave me a good night’s sleep and I was on the road early the following morning with every intention of being in Cody in the early afternoon.  Of course, that was before I got to Spearfish and remembered the Canyon drive and tried to calculate how long it had been since I was … Continue reading

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