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The Nation’s Capitol

One of the best things about having out of town guests is their thirst to see what you have at your constant disposal and seldom see…I know I’ve been trying to remedy this trend for myself, but it still happens.  I live near enough to Washington D.C. to be able to go there any time, … Continue reading

Rock Hall, Maryland – And the day threatened rain…

The town of Rock Hall, they say, got it’s name from a mansion there by that name, made of white sandstone.  There is a marker in front of the boat-tel that is supposed to be where the house stood 300 years ago – though I’m not finding much on the internet that substantiates the story. … Continue reading

Wheaton Arts Center, Millville, NJ

In the four centuries or so that glass has been made in the United States, southern New Jersey has featured large in the manufacture of finished glass in the production of the raw materials that go other glass manufacturers across the country.  So when Dr. Theodore C. Wheaton of Millville, New Jersey became pharmacist T.C. … Continue reading

Adkins Arboretum

  I’m going to start with my trip last week to Adkins Arboretum on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. After a quick stop at the Crumpton Sale, a weekly auction that covers acres and acres with things of  every description for sale  but where you can also buy fine meats and cheeses and a number of wonderful Amish groceries, I was … Continue reading

Rainy Day Looking Back – Longwood Gardens

I had this post all but written and had a burp in the electrical power – it has been than kind of week, but if that’s the worst I have to look forward to, I’m blessed. Since it is off and on pouring rain, I’m not planning to do much running today.  But it gives … Continue reading

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