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Irene – All But Over

The wind is still whipping out there pretty wildly, but not an unfamiliar or scary kind of wild.  We lost one tree overnight – or maybe three by the time I sort out what the big locust landed on – perhaps a cherry tree and a peach tree.  It’s just hard to tell in this murky early light.  There may be more as I move away from the house, but none down the driveway, so parking a car on the road wasn’t necessary – this time. The weather service still says we are to get rain most of the day, and we could really do without that – the wind might help dry up some of what is standing in the fields.

Most of the clean up today will be moving leaves – a precursor to autumn and a time saver later on when the rest of the leaves come down.  Some around here are without power, but not all.  We had a couple of flickers, but no actual outage.  I guess all of those miles of new lines the power company invested in a couple of years ago paid for themselves last night.

Not to say that at the height of the storm last night there were not exciting moments.  For us, who have been hit a couple of times by tornadoes, official warnings of ripe conditions for tornadoes are always appreciated and heeded.  I haven’t heard of any actually developing over the region, but it is not something to take lightly.

So all is well here, although the wind is making the dogs run crazy – a lot of pent up energy from yesterday, I think.  When the dogs slept through the earthquake, we pretty much established that they aren’t much use as an early warning system for danger, so my best guess for their behavior this morning is that they are very well rested.

There is still some concern for my friends in New Jersey and New York…along the shore they are seeing a different storm altogether than we experienced here.  To those friends and all of theirs, stay safe!



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