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Irene Preparations

Sometimes you can expect an adventure without leaving home, and when there is enough time to prepare, even when something goes awry, you can feel as though it was not for want of trying.  So I prepare for Hurricane Irene to the best of my abilities, and beyond that, hope for the best.  My favorite salutation is “Stay safe and have fun!,” those being the two things I want for everyone.

So preparing for Irene.  Our place is not in a low lying area – if this becomes waterfront, there are much larger problems afoot.  No, I prepare more for wind as I am surrounded by trees in leaf that stand a chance of going over with heavy rains softening the soil and big winds pushing against them like full sails.  I’m not so concerned about the ones closest to the house – most of them are deeply rooted and have withstood any number of large storms in the 300 and more years that this house has been on this spot.  Not to say that there can’t be change, but it is just less of a concern.  What I will do is park a car at the far end of the driveway so I can climb over any that go over and still walk up to go someplace for a chainsaw.  Yes, we have chainsaws – but it is not unheard of for such equipment to give up the ghost at precisely the moment you need it most…still I won’t buy a chainsaw in advance because I want my own to have the opportunity to surprise me.

Anything that might become a missile was moved to the shed (I hope.)  Storm windows were lowered and storm panels put in place.  Barn doors were secured with chains and bracing and equipment is collected and put under cover.  The generator is fueled, the freezer stocked and the wine cooler is filled.  Yep, I think we are ready.

So now in the next hours, all that remains is to wait.  I know a lot of people are planning for hurricane parties and a lot are scoping out evacuations routes. My invitations are extended to those nearer the water, and menus are planned “in case.”   So, post earthquake, pre-hurricane, stay safe and have fun!



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