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Hello world!

I finally understand that blogging is something I’ve done for years, although I knew it as “journaling” or “keeping a diary.”  Either of those almost make it sound as though I put myself in league with the greats – Samuel Pepys, perhaps, although I can’t even begin to name names the way that guy could – and did.

Instead, as a new blogger, I am reviewing rules that make perfect sense – be nice, don’t gossip, and above all, be interesting.  I this day and age, (oh no!  I’ve reached the age where I will use that!) there are those who would have you believe that the above list of criteria are mutually exclusive, but, no, I think not.  Actually, I don’t really prefer the term “blogger” and would rather call myself a “bloggist.”  Since neither strike me as real words, so one might be as good as the other.

The thing about “blogger” is that it sounds rather ponderous to me and might come armed with a club.  A “bloggist,” on the other hand, might be a member of a monastic order, or a cloister and sounds very much more peaceful and kind; in keeping with the rules, it sounds very fitting.  So I am a bloggist.  I like that.

I’m calling this blog (you already know this…) The Wayward Pioneer, or, American Road Trips.  I think it will be handy for foreigners.  I’m not sure if “foreigners” is an allowed term, but it seems to me that more internationals have seen more of this country than people born and bred here – especially young people.  It makes me sad, in a way.  On the other hand, when you travel from one end of this great country to the other, in any direction, chances are that when you get where you are going, you are foreign, regardless.

So part of this will be accounts of the day trips I’ve taken and those I am planning, and part will be reminiscence of years of travel around the country.  I think it likely that there will eventually be something about my foreign travels – sometimes it feels good to actually be foreign.  This is a wonderful country, and comparison against the rest of the world never leaves it wanting.

So welcome.  I would love to have your input.  Tell me about the things in your State/town/location that make it unique and American and the place to be for either internationals or the odd foreign American traveler.   Please.




One thought on “Hello world!

  1. Congratulations! Looks wonderful and the concept is so “you”….you write so well and are so prolific that this is the perfect venue for you….looking forward to your travels and experiences!

    Posted by Pegret | August 17, 2011, 8:25 am

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